Take one step

What are you doing right now to pursue your dreams?  So often we delay pursuits because we can't figure out how to do it or when to begin.  Sometimes all that is needed is for you to take the next step...and step out on faith.  

Many of us have dreams that have lingered in our minds for years...years!  In the book The Traveler's Gift,  a scenario unfolds in which the main character is in heaven and an angel shows him all of the missed opportunities and missed accomplishments. He called it "the place that never was."  What has God given you that's in danger of being logged away into the "place that never was."  Is it a business? Is it a family? A degree? 

Oftentimes what holds us back is fear.  Fear of what people think, fear of not having enough, fear of failure.  Perfectionism is rooted in fear. The difference between successful "dream-fulfillers" and those who have are still wishing they could accomplish their goals and dreams, is that the former made a decision to do it and press through the fear.  Sometimes all it takes is one step to build momentum. One phone call, one appointment, one "yes, I'll do it," or sure 'I will be there." 

Don't go another day without taking a step...just one.  It's easier than you think! Don't let fear keep you from accomplishing your goals and fulfilling your dreams. Make a choice to conquer your fears and take one step toward your dream today.