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I'm tired of being single: Led by Dr. Patricia Hicks, Thursday, August 4, 2016

Are you tired of seeing all of your friends get married?  Do you keep wondering, what am I missing? Why not me? Sit in on this call with consultant and relationship expert, Dr. Pat Hicks (who married at 40) as she share ways to prepare yourself emotionally, physically and spiritually to attract the mate you've been desiring...and screen out the scrubs, so you don't waste your time. Note: A follow-up planning course will be provided in Winter 2016.





Interview with Woman of Faith, Brandy Davis: Sunday, August 7, 3:00 pm,

She experienced the pain of miscarriages and was told she would never conceive. One strong marriage and two children later, Brandy Davis has a testimony of God's faithfulness that will speak to your heart and inspire you to remain focused on God's promise of motherhood and walk in faith. This will be a REAL conversation about the spiritual, emotional, and practical aspects of the journey. Get your tissue and your pen and paper ready!


engaged/Soon-to-be Married Women

Help! I'm getting married and I don't know what to do! February 2017
While you will never know everything there is to know before you get married, this information will help you prepare and think about ways you can develop systems and plans, as well as prepare yourself holistically for the new adventure of marriage with the one you love! Topics discussed including household management, communication, moving from I to we, sex, blended families and step-parenting, and recommended resources for all.

married women

Now Hiring: New Marriage Managers: December 2016

Are you missing that spark? Feeling bored, dull or utterly disappointed? Or do you just want some tools and information that will help liven things up? Join in on this conversation that will provide practical and spiritual tactics for improving your marriage and your perspective so that you'll wake up singing, and so will he!



Job, Promotion, Career. Repeat. Job, Promotion, Career. January 2016

You're feeling stuck and you need help getting to the next level in your career.  You want to figure out how to get to that job you love...and make money doing it.  Hear from career and HR experts as they share information on how you can set yourself up for short-term and long-term advancement and get to your career happy place.