A note from Elizabeth on the Hats, Flowers and Pearls Tea

I received an inquiry recently so I thought I would share the answer to these questions-- Why did you decide to host the Hats, Flowers and Pearls Tea? What will happen there? What will I gain? Warning-the answer is long but informative! The purpose of the tea it to provide guests with the opportunity to...

Have a good time, meet new people and smile!
It's time to break out of the cycle of boring and mundane…at events…and in life. I feel that every event should be engaging…and should provide an opportunity to connect with others that feels relaxing, comfortable, fun and introvert-friendly! We have some fun activities to facilitate a spirit of friendship and a good laugh! Oh, and of course we have to ensure that everyone leaves with a special parting gift!

Feel feminine and fabulous
This is your time to put on a pretty dress, hat or flower or both:) and have fun dressing up and appreciating your femininity, beauty and style! We’ll have a beautiful backdrop and photographer who will capture all of your fabulousness so that you can share it with others after the event!

This will be one of my favorite parts of the event, and one of the reasons Polished31 exists! At 84 years old, our special guest Commissioner Vilma D. Leake is a force to be reckoned with. She served on the school board for 11 years and won 82% of the vote in the last election for Commissioner…can you say “winning!” When I see an African American female leader who has been impacting the community for years, I know that she has a story…stories to tell. Think Oprah’s master class. I look forward to hearing the wisdom, historical perspective and insight from someone who was a part of the civil rights movement (her late husband was a prominent Bishop and “Freedom Rider”) and someone who is still initiating new projects when others are settling down to retire. I want to be going strong and impacting others when I’m 84, too!

Enjoy some delectable treats
Vineyard chicken salad sandwiches, fresh-baked scones with lemon curd, filo wrapped asparagus, yum, yum! These are just a few of the things that will be served at the tea. Good food is important! Southern gourmet is true to its name. They make delightful treats that I know you will enjoy!

Appreciate the beauty around you
I love exquisite décor, so I am delighted to host an event that will feature beautifully decorated tables, courtesy of our event partner Carter Classic Designs. If you’re familiar with Colin Cowie, David Tutera or Diann Valentine, you’ll appreciate the lovely displays and charming style.

Of course, learn more about Polished31 and what we do
I will BRIEFLY tell you what’s going on in our world, what services we provide, and the exciting things we have in store for women and girls across the land…well in North Carolina and Ohio at least!

I look forward to seeing you all there!