Event planning and consulting

You need to create an event that’s interesting and engaging.  You don’t want your event to feel mundane or look like every other event, every other breakfast, every other meeting, every other party. You need a great video or a superb speaker, you want fantastic décor that’s not overdone but chic, you want to deliver a meaningful message that’s visible in every part of the event…you need a solid, strong plan.  Let us help you. We will work with you from start to finish, or even halfway through. We can help you conceptualize and plan your event to ensure that it’s memorable for you and your guests. For more information, contact us at info@polished31.com.

We can work with you to develop some or all aspects of your event including:

  • Event concept, focus and message

  • Décor, design and layout

  • Budget,  timeline and plan

  • Vendor selection and management

  • Marketing and public relations

  • Menu and venue selection

  • Staff communication

  • Volunteer training and management

  • Speech and script writing

  • Print materials and follow-up communication

  • Multimedia and video direction

our event planning history

Education awareness events

  • Televised interview with nationally-known speakers and receptions for 700+ community, education and corporate stakeholders

  • Panel discussions and community forums

  • Movie screening and interview/discussion with filmmakers

Volunteer events

  • Corporate and nonprofit volunteer matching events for 3,500 participants

  • Citywide volunteer event hosted in partnership with government, faith-based and nonprofit partners for 28,000+ participants

Award Ceremonies

  • Annual ceremony acknowledging 30+ corporate and nonprofit organizations

  • Annual ceremony honoring micro entrepreneurs throughout the city

  • Annual ceremony recognizing a local leader and nonprofit organization who support children and education

Donor and staff recognition events

  • Private receptions at various locations

  • Garden party at a private residence featuring garden tour

  • Women's tea and various events in recognition of local history-makers

Diversity and Inclusion events

  • “Speed” networking events, recruitment receptions, orientation, graduations and anniversary celebration for diversity-focused for board training program

  • Poverty simulation training for high-level donors and a hospital system

Other events

  • Media events- Press conferences, media volunteer site setup

  • Internal company events-Staff delevelopment and recognition events, board meetings, board retreats and regional leader conference

  • Faith-based events- Luncheons, ceremonies, fashion shows, conferences for singles and young women for 2000+ member church

  • Personal, Private events-Baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties