Want to start a girls program but don’t know where to begin? Polished31 can provide you with curriculum, training and consulting for programming for girls ages 8-18. Courses include faith-based content, activity guides and handouts for an 8 or 12 week course. Topics include self-esteem and confidence, purity, image and purpose, goal setting, dress and attire, poise and posture, character and leadership, communication and conversation, hygiene and personal care, honoring parents, leaders and employers, and more. Polished31 can provide training to help your church leaders set up a sustainable annual program that includes memorable field trip experiences and a structure for volunteer leadership to ensure that it will last for years to come. 



We promote academic fervor and personal growth by providing training that supports effective and respectful verbal and written communication, excellent personal presentation, character, confidence, leadership and literacy. Through a tailored training series that includes a certificate and graduation, we provide information that encourages holistic student development and thereby supports attendance, academic achievement, excellent behavior and overall life success.


girl-serving organizations

Polished31 can help you incorporate specific training for young women into your after school or summer camp program. Featuring topics such as character and leadership, goal setting and dressing for success, these classes will highlight information that is not often shared(the things that no one tells girls but expects them to know) to help position and provide the soft skills needed to achieve and succeed. 

If you want to help develop well-rounded, confident young ladies who recognize their value, present themselves with grace, and excel in school and in life, contact us.

Elizabeth Trotman, Founder and CEO