Who wants to be average? Extraordinary is much cooler. How can a girl navigate the transition into womanhood to become not just a woman but a young woman of excellence? In this empowering, unforgettable series girls aged 12-18 will obtain the information, tools and confidence needed to become a young women of vision, confidence, and grace, ready to pursue and achieve her goals and prepared for various environments. Each class is designed to be interactive and engaging, and participants will receive a related tool and/or handouts/materials to support instruction. Girls who sign up for all of the sessions will receive a comprehensive instructional binder. 

By appointment only.

For more information, email Elizabeth Trotman at Elizabeth@polished31.com.

Session One

I’m Every Woman: Self-Esteem and Confidence
Young women are often easy targets for society’s lies about image.  In this practical session girls will learn how to view themselves with high esteem and refute destructive thinking and words.  Discussions on wholesomeness, transparency, and emotional and mental health will help young women focus on the greater picture of their place in their community and the world. Areas of instruction include:
•    The 3 C’s of confidence
•    Valuing self and proper body image
•    Communication with self and presentation to others
•    Role in community and connection of confidence to purpose

Who Am I? Discovering purpose and developing your gifts
Everyone was created with a purpose, and figuring it out can be tough. This course explores key guiding questions and helps young ladies think through the steps to discovering purpose. Participants will be encouraged to implement key steps to discover what they are created to do as a result of this session. Areas of instruction include:
•    Purpose defined and other successful individuals who are walking in purpose
•    Developing a preliminary purpose statement
•    The importance of and strategies for developing gifts and talents

Session Two

All I Do is Win! Vision and Goal Setting: Two classes

Nothing can be achieved without goals. This is an intensive session in which girls will focus on writing out dreams, vision, and goals. This course is best delivered in tandem with the discovering your purpose session. Areas of instruction include:
•    Articulating dreams and desires
•    Writing vision statements
•    Developing goals and life planning
•    Vision boarding

Session three

My Fair Lady: Poise and Posture
Developing elegance is an internal and external process. Young ladies will learn how to be aware of their “carriage” and obtain insightful techniques for walking, sitting and standing with grace. Areas of instruction include:
•    Walking, sitting, standing, entering/exiting vehicles and entering a room
•    Body language and interactions with the opposite sex
•    The value of femininity

Session Four

Dinner with the Queen: Dining Etiquette 101
Information and training on the basics of proper dining etiquette from casual to formal settings, as well as instruction on introductions, conversation, and table manners will be provided in this foundational course. Areas of instruction include:
•    Casual dining etiquette
•    Formal dining etiquette
•    How to set a table
•    Table manners and conversation
•    The best way to eat unique and exotic foods

Charming and Fabulous! The Art of Conversation and Communication
Silence the silence! Young ladies will learn how to comfortably converse in a variety of settings and leave a pleasant impression with each encounter. Girls will practice greetings, introductions, writing and conversation.  Each participant will receive note cards and a communication guide. Areas of instruction include:
•    The art of conversation
•    Introductions, greetings and handshakes
•    Notes, cards and thank yous
•    Speech communication and grammar
•    Email communication and social media etiquette

Session Five

So Fresh and So Clean: Hygiene and Personal Care
Personal cleanliness and personal care is important for every woman and girl. This class provides tips on caring for the body from head to toe. Participants will receive a small kit with on-the-go personal must-haves. Areas of instruction include:
•    Skin, body and hair care tips
•    Proper care of hands and feet
•    Feminine hygiene and knowing your body
•    Personal care must-haves

The Princess’s Castle: Keeping Your Environment Fabulous!
Young ladies will learn the importance of keeping a clean environment and receive tips and techniques for organization, order and cleanliness.  Each participant will receive organizational tools to support a clutter-free space. Areas of instruction include:
•    Best practices for room care
•    Proper care for linens
•    Techniques for maintaining a clean bedroom and bathroom
•    Organizational tips and cleaning guide

Session Six

R.E.S.P.E.C.T!  Relating to parents, leaders and mentors
Emotions from hormonal changes and insecurity can make relating to others during the teen years a tough job. This informative session will help girls learn how to deliver gracious and respectful communication and honor others. Areas of instruction include:
•    The true meaning and importance of honor
•    Honoring and appropriately relating to parents, teachers, leaders and professionals
•    Finding/discovering a mentor, proper mentor-mentee relations

A Leader in the Making: Excellence, Integrity and Discipline
What does it mean to be a leader? How can one walk in excellence, integrity and discipline? Young ladies will learn the characteristics of great leaders and obtain information on developing strong character and exhibiting excellence in everything they do. Areas of instruction include:
•    Strategies for developing good habits
•    The importance and definition of integrity (doing the right thing when no one is watching)
•    How to walk in a spirit of excellence in school and as an employee
•    Planning and time management tools and techniques

session seven

You Better Work! Dressing for Success
Dressing successfully is about more than selecting a trendy outfit. Young women will learn the keys to personal style, selecting appropriate looks and techniques for dressing well every day. Areas of instruction include:
•    How to develop personal style
•    Selecting flattering items and accessories
•    Shopping guide: How to select  good quality pieces at low prices
•    Proper care for clothing

Body by You: Undergarments, foundations and clothing care
The most beautiful outfit can be totally ruined if the proper foundations are not selected to match. Discussions on various types of foundations and fit will be highlighted in this class that’s looks at what’s underneath! Areas of instruction include:
•    Proper bra fitting and sizing
•    Guide to undergarments for various looks
•    Proper care for undergarments

Session Eight

Session Recapitulation

This final session will include a review of all sessions with a heavy focus on the poise and posture, conversation and goal setting courses.

 Other Polished31 classes include:

•    Let’s Go! Culture and Travel Etiquette
•    Developing Your Worldview: Developing a Well-rounded mindset
•    My Community: Volunteering and Serving others
•    Help Me I’m Emotional! Managing emotions
•    Periods, Pads and Pain: Menstrual Cycle 101: An In-depth conversation